Specialized knowledge


The members of our team are defined by an outstanding and wide proffessional upbringing and have excellent qualifications. The continuing education and training policies are key components of our corporate culture, ensuring that our professionals are always up-to-date in their field.


Comprehensive services



Within our company, specialists from different professional areas cooperate closely to achieve customized and well-balanced solutions which best suit the clients’ needs. We offer our clients complete services, provided in partnership  with the firms Mattig Swiss Audit and Mattig Management Partners, as well as  with the support of our Romanian and foreign network of specialists.






Our clients can expect our full dedication in dealing with their demands. We do not consider a task as being completed until we have found the best possible solution for our client in each individual case.





In our business, a strong customer relationship, an open-minded dialogue and a fair business partnership are critical components.





For our part we guarantee absolute discretion in relation to third parties. This includes data protection and data security.