Financial advisory and other services


In collaboration with our partners Mattig Management Partners, we offer the following services:


Management reporting


Within this type of report we prepare budgets of income and expenses, management reports (that include a comparison between the budget and the current results), we elaborate financial prognoses and various other reports ordered by the management or by the shareholders.


Assistance during M&A transactions


The fiscal due diligence services combined with the financial due diligence services offer the investors that are interested in Romania a complete service-pack designed for efficient investments. The main due diligence goal is to determine to what extent does the company fulfill all the legal requirements in Romania (for the period subject to revisal) as well as to detect the range of fiscal risks that could influence the estimate value of the company. Our fiscal due diligence services are dedicated to both the buyer and the seller during the pre-acquisition as well as post-acquisition phase, offering assistance towards the optimization of transactions.


Risk Management trainings and other customized  trainings


At the client’s request, we organize trainings on themes from the fiscal and financial fields adapted to each client’s specific needs. The training sessions are centered around practical problems meant to help our clients achieve their business goals. 
At the present time we organize trainings on the following themes: Internal Risk Management, Money Collection, Transfer Pricing in Romania. 


For a personalized offer of trainings please contact us. 


Other services


  • Business plans for financing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Preparation of the financial reports that are necessary for credit applications
  • Evaluation of the company’s patrimonium
  • Assistance regarding the organization of the financial-accounting department, of the document circuit and of the financial-accounting policies