Tax and fiscal advisory


Mattig Accounting & Controlling Bucuresti  is a suitable partner for the optimization of the fiscal structure of your company’s activity in Romania and for an efficient configuration of your projects on a national or international level. You can rest assured that with the aid of our team of expert accountants and C.E.C.C.A.R. members your financial statements will be accurate and you will always be informed regarding the changes in legislation.  


Our tax advisory services include the following:


  • Consultancy regarding the VAT and VAT refunding on national and European level

  • Fiscal registration in Romania of companies from other EU-member countries

  • Fiscal consultancy regarding the fiscal registration procedures for trading companies

  • Fiscal consultancy regarding the organization and the management of the company (organizational charts, internal control processes, job descriptions, etc. )

  • Permanent informing regarding the legal changes in the field of taxes and financial accounting

  • For various types of taxes: identification of the taxable persons, general rules, field of application, tax rates, calculations, etc.

  • Supervision of tax payments

  • Consultancy regarding the income tax

  • Preparing the documentation for credit applications

  • Applications for fiscal certificates, (revision of) financial reports (AFP), ascertainment certificates (ONRC)

  • Organization of the patrimony inventory

  • Assistance  in the relationship with the control organs

  • Assistance during the external audit process

  • Optimization of taxes to be paid and solutions for their reduction according to the legislation in force

  • Assistance regarding the avoidance of double taxation

  • Periodical check-ups of the client’s accounting activity


For Mattig Expert Swiss Partners TimiÈ™oara and Mattig Expert Sibiu SRL the tax and fiscal advisory is provided by Mattig Accounting & Controlling Bucuresti.