Payroll and employment agreements


Our team of specialists takes over the administration of the activities in connection to personnel rights and payroll management, including:


Preparing time sheets, salary statements, flyers, tax income cards and other documents stipulated by the law


  • Calculating the holidays and the medical holidays, while keeping the confidentiality of the salary rights
  • Calculating income taxes, employer's contributions ( to social insurances, social health insurances, contributions to the medical holiday fund, to the labour accidents and professional diseases fund, commission for the Territorial Labour Inspectorate, contributions to the unemployment fund and to the salary demand warranty fund, as well as the contributions for handicapped persons) and employee's contributions (social insurance, social health insurance and contribution to the unemployment fund)
  • Issuing and submitting of the monthly/quarterly fiscal declarations and of other declarations to the specialized institutes
  • Filling in and submitting the Register of Employees
  • Preparing and updating the personnel dossiers
  • Preparing the labour contracts, the amendments to the labour contracts, decisions and other related documents
  • Preparing the job descriptions, the collective labour contracts, the Internal Order Regulations Register
  • Filling in and emitting personnel certificates/evidences ( income evidence for credit application at banks, unemployment evidences, wage statements, etc. )